Beers for Bikes - Sportworks Donates Bikes to Bike Works Seattle

Bikes Going To Bike Works

Scott McKinley // 06.29.2017

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, Zqwan Peterson and Scott McKinley from Sportworks dragged a few friends, relatives, and even one of our suppliers (and his dog!) to the local Seattle, WA brewery, Peddler Brewing Co., in Ballard to attend the Beers for Bikes event. The folks at Peddler Brewing donated $1 from each beer sold to benefit Bike Works, a Seattle nonprofit that promotes the bicycle as a vehicle for change in our community. They raised a good chunk of money, and we did our part. Rick’s dog had water and whatever food fell on the floor. The place was hopping (sorry, could not pass that up as a lover of the IPA).

Zqwan and Scott at Beers for Bikes Zqwan and Scott enjoying a cold one at Beers for Bikes

Zqwan corralled a few of the “extra” bikes we had around the shop that we utilize in our research and development when designing new transit racks and bike parking. Since we have plenty of bikes for rack fitting and product testing, we gathered the extras and ferried them in Zqwan’s car to donate them to Bike Works: two kids’ bikes, and a white mixte frame bike that must have been from the ‘80s.

Bikes Going To Bike Works

It’s good to know these bikes will go to good use.  The team at Bike Works believes that bicycling is an accessible form of transportation that promotes public health, builds confidence, encourages environmental stewardship and strengthens the community, and we couldn’t agree more. Bike Works is committed to youth empowerment. They provide local youth with plenty of opportunities to grow as leaders, teach them to give back to the community, and how to work together and see themselves as owners and creators of our collective future. We love what Bike Works is doing and we were happy to donate these bikes to help the community.

At the end of the night, it was easy to leave with smiles on our faces, especially after seeing that the bike parking racks were completely full at Peddler Brewing Co.