Introducing Sportworks Apex 2 Modular Transit Bike Rack

Front Facing Sportworks Apex 2 With Sportworks Bike

Sportworks Apex 2 - 2 Position Modular Bike Rack

Tony Matesi // 04.19.2017

Introducing the new Sportworks Apex 2™ modular bike rack system. The sleek, compact design follows in the footsteps of the Sportworks Apex 3™ bike rack.

The stainless steel frame, wheel trays, and support arms are designed to reduce bounce and uses the same heavy-duty pivot plate as the Apex 3.

In addition to structural updates, the engineers at Sportworks have made design improvements across the board in the development of the new Apex 2™.

This 2-position bike rack is the new standard for bike racks on buses.

Sportworks Apex 2™ will be available June 2017.


Girl Loading Bike On Sportworks Apex 2 Transit Rack

Wheel trays accommodate up to 29” diameter bike wheels, 3” wide tires and a 48” wheelbase.

Spotworks Apex 2 Bike Rack In The Upright Position

Effortless maintenance and low repair costs enabled by new modular design.


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This limited pre-order discount ends May 31st. Orders received on/after June 1, 2017 will reflect normal pricing. The pre-order discount cannot be combined with any other offers. Product will be manufactured and shipped according to normal lead times after the official release of the Sportworks Apex 2 - expected to be in June 2017. Any delays in release will delay the manufacturing and shipment of the order.