No Scratch® Goes Full Circle

Oahu No Scratch® Circular Bike Rack

New Oahu No-Scratch® Bike Rack Rounds Out Popular Product Line

Julie Gregg // 02.10.2015

We are excited to introduce a beautiful new addition to our No Scratch® family of products. The Oahu No Scratch® bike rack features our patent pending design with No Scratch® bumper which gently protects bikes while they are parked.

Sportworks Oahu No Scratch Bike Rack with Cruiser Bike

You might call us pretty proud parents of sorts as we are very excited about our newest bundle of joy. Our latest addition is beautiful, smartly designed and has a very gentle soul. We are talking of course about our new No Scratch® bike rack, the Oahu. The Oahu incorporates a flowing and functional design aesthetic with our protective No Scratch® bumper.

The Oahu joins our Tofino and Wesport No Scratch® bike racks in providing a variety of bike rack models in different shapes and sizes to meet your bike parking needs. The Oahu provides 3 solid points of contact for up to two parked bikes. It works great in small spaces or can be combined in groups to create more parking capacity for a bigger installation.

On the outside, the Oahu's fluid and functional design will enhance any building or project by offering superior, protective bike parking with good looks. We use rectangular tubing which is extremely tough and tamper resistant which in turn, cradles the soft heart of the Oahu, the No Scratch® bumper, made from durable and protective Santoprene®. The Oahu can be surface mounted or embedded depending on the needs of your space and specifications.

When choosing the right rack for your project or installation we hope that you consider the fact that many racks on the market today are not designed with actual usage and security in mind. We at Sportworks believe in designing and manufacturing bike racks that offer good bike parking that properly secures and protects bikes that looks good too. Our racks are made by people who ride bikes and care about good bike parking. We think that makes all the difference. That difference shows in the features you will find in the Sportworks No Scratch® product family. It also shows in our commitment to bicycle advocacy and partnerships in building bikeable communities.

Our Bike-Rack-for-Buses has been transporting people and their bikes since the early nineties. We have safely and securely been getting people and their bikes from here to there for over 20 years because we think riding a bike is a very good thing.

Our passion is your ride.