Sportworks is a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Business

Bfb Gold 2020

Sportworks has just been named a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists

Katie Staver // 01.21.2020

We are proud to join 1366 businesses nation wide as a bicycle friendly business. Learn more about the program and read about some of the bicycle friendly amenities our employees enjoy.

Bfb Gold 2020

Sportworks has been recognized with a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Business award by the League of American Bicyclists in 2020. We are proud to join 1366 businesses nationwide that have made bicycle infrastructure a priority and are bicycle friendly. Since 1990 we have been manufacturing parts to support the growth of bicycling. We started with handlebars, bar ends, and suspension forks. In 1993 we produced the first Bike Rack For Buses. Since then, we have focused on manufacturing products to support bike infrastructure.

Sportworks is a company made up of cyclists designing and manufacturing products for cyclists. We are not only proud that we are part of the industry, but also that we as a company are increasing the level of bike amenities for our employees. Our goal is to help empower people to bike as a form of transportation.

We offer many different amenities from indoor bike parking to boot and glove dryers. The one convenience that our employees enjoy the most is having a shower and a place to dry wet cycling gear.

According to one of our employee, Bryan, "Commuting 36 miles round trip by bike is usually very enjoyable, but on occasion, it can be very miserable. On the cold, wet, and windy days, I feel very fortunate that we have a warm shower at Sportworks. Another important part of my commute is the reliable King County Metro bus service with Sportworks bike racks running along with the majority of my route, providing a highly useful safety net in case I need a little help making it to and from work."


We are excited to provide our employees with the amenities they need to bike to work. We are just as thrilled that we can provide cyclists everywhere with a variety of transportation and bike parking options to help them complete their commutes and to keep rolling.

Learn more about the American League of Bicyclists and their Bike Friendly Businesses Program