Team Sportworks Rides from Seattle to Portland in One Day

Seattle to Portland Startline 2017

STP 2017

Tony Matesi // 07.19.2017

On Saturday, July 15, 2017, two of our own decided to take on the Cascade Bicycle Club Seattle to Portland Bike Ride aka STP. Around 10,000 cyclists participated in the 203-mile ride from Seattle to Portland, while a majority of the riders took this challenge on over the course of two days, myself and a coworker decided to join those courageous enough to attempt the full ride in one day.

The two of us spent 2-3 months training for this endeavor and, in the end, we were victorious. While it may have taken the entire allotted time (with stops) to complete the journey, we made it from Seattle to Portland in 14 hours riding time plus somewhere around 2 hours of stops. We started the ride around 5 AM and pedaled our way through the first 50 miles with ease. The next 50 wasn't too bad and we cleared "The Hill" near Puyallup with relative ease, wondering what all the fuss was about.

Matt and Tony STP Ride Lake Washington Mt Rainier

After that first 100 miles, however, things became quite a bit more challenging, physically and mentally. When we arrived at the 150-mile rest stop, you could see how much the ride had taken out of everyone. Exhaustion wrought the faces of each and every rider who had made it that far, but none were defeated. The last 50 miles was a grind, with headwinds that forced us to dig deep and give it everything we've got. When we finally crossed the finish line around 9:15 PM the sheer joy of success outweighed all the pain and exhaustion we experienced during the last half of the very long ride.

A quick Uber to our AirBnB and a pizza delivery capped off the night.

We want to thank Cascade Bicycle Club and Kaiser Permanente for putting together a tremendous event. You could tell they've been doing this for 38 years because everything was perfectly coordinated from the free bike parking they offered over night to the boisterous festival and finish line to the fantastic coordination of bike and person transportation from Portland back to Seattle, the 2017 STP ride was a fantastic event.

Matt and Tony STP 2017 Finish Photo Matt and Tony stand victorious at the Cascade Bicycle Club 2017 STP Ride