Things to Know About Ordering Transit Bike Racks for International Use

Sportworks On Yellow 1200

Jana Anderson // 10.03.2017

Can I buy Sportworks Transit Bike Racks in my Country?

While the majority of Sportworks business is done within the United States, Sportworks loves to sell our Transit Bike Racks to other countries, as long as they are in alliance with the United States.

You can find Sportworks Transit Bike Racks in Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Estonia and the United Kingdom.


Why you ask, are we not found in all of Europe?

We would be overjoyed to have our Transit Bike Racks in Europe, however, due to E.U. Transportation Regulations prohibiting any sort of attachments to public buses, we cannot sell to the European Union. If you happen to be from the E.U. and are interested in presenting the idea of bikes on buses to your local legislation, contact Sportworks and we will work with you and provide you with the necessary information about our Transit Bike Racks to overcome this obstacle.

Will Sportworks Transit Bike Racks fit my bus type?

The world is filled with all kinds of makes and models of buses and shuttles, especially on the international level, which makes it a bit difficult for the Sportworks Engineering team to design a solution to accommodate every make, model, bumper type, and year of vehicle. Due to this, Sportworks will only sell the rack and pivot plate required outside of the U.S. and Canada. As a result, utilize your internal maintenance team or contact a local engineering firm to design and manufacture the needed brackets/mounting hardware to install the rack on to your bus. These brackets would have to be designed without compromising the integrity/design/functionality of our Sportworks Transit Bike Rack.

We would love to develop a relationship with you, on the international level. Here are some of the topics we will discuss once you contact us:

  • All non-U.S customers will need to pre-pay their order prior to shipment, via wire transfer.
  • A Non-Disclosure agreement will need to be signed and returned to Sportworks for our records.
    • With that in place the Sportworks Engineering Team will be able to share CAD or .stp files with you, to help you design the installation brackets for your bus/shuttle.
  • You must be directly linked to, or be a part of a Transit Authority Agency in your local area, a bus manufacturer, or a municipality.
  • We require that all International Customers utilize their own customs broker/freight carrier to arrange the logistics of shipping the Transit Bike Racks and Pivot Plates to your final destination.
    • The Sportworks Sales Team will be happy to supply you with the needed specifications for your shipment.

There are a few extra steps when it comes to doing business at the international level and we’ll review those with your throughout the process.

Once you receive your Transit Bike Rack and it’s installed on the front of your bus, joy will be heard throughout your local community as your local cyclists have a safe and secure way to transport their bikes and themselves. The installation of Transit Bike Racks enables a community to have more ways to get from one destination to the next. Let’s work together to grow your multi-modal transportation network.

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