What Happened to Sportworks Transport Bike Racks for my car?

What Happened to Sportworks Transport Bike Racks for my car?

Jana Anderson // 07.26.2017

We get this question a lot. Why can't I find your Sportworks Transport Bike Racks for my car anywhere on your website? Well, the simple answer is, we don't make or sell them anymore. The long answer is below.

Although the Sportworks consumer line of business was a great success and withstood the test of time; we made the decision to sell that line of business to Thule in 2005.

Sportworks Transport Bike Rack Stowed Position

Even today, and for years to come, Sportworks the Transport Bike Rack was built to last. It’s durability, functionality, and ease of use made it very popular in the cycling community. This consumer bike rack was designed to allow flexibility in loading and unloading regardless of the style or size of the bike. Because of this well created and designed rack, the Sportworks Sales team is contacted daily if not weekly for spare parts. Consumers absolutely love the Transport Rack so much that they call and request a new strap for the wheel tray, or replacement bushings, or sometimes they just purchased a new vehicle and the hitch size no longer fits. It’s great to hear how much people love our rack and how long they’ve been using it!

Sportworks Transport Bike Rack with Bike Loaded

Building off the design and creation of the Transport Bike Rack, Mike Reeves, owner of Sportworks, engineered and developed the bike racks that you now see on the front of buses. These transit bike racks revolutionized the biking world since they were the first of their kind in the industry. With the same durability, functionality, and ease of use as the Transport Bike Rack; the Transit Bike Racks, have the same qualities but are built for the rugged use of transit agencies all across the world. You can see the Transit Bike Racks in almost every neighborhood, on every Metro bus around.

Sportworks Apex 3 Position Bike Rack

On that note, we at Sportworks would like to thank you for your continued interest in the Transport Bike Racks for your personal vehicle, but if you’re in need of parts or support we must ask that you please visit www.thule.com for any spare parts or items you might need and keep on cycling!