What Happened to Sportworks Transport Bike Racks for my car?

Sportworks Transport Bike Rack with Bike Loaded

Jana Anderson // 07.26.2017

You wouldn't believe how often we are asked, "Why can't I find the Sportworks Transport Bike Racks for my car anywhere on your website?" 

While the Sportworks Transport bike racks were a great success and withstood the test of time, we sold the entire Transport line of business to Thule in 2005.

Sportworks Transport Bike Rack Stowed Position

Even today, and for years to come, the Sportworks Transport Bike Racks were built to last. Their durability, functionality, and ease of use made them very popular in the cycling community. The Transport racks were among the first in the market to offer quick and easy loading and unloading combined with tire-only contact points to prevent scratches to the bike frame. Because of their enduring design and construction, the Sportworks Sales team is contacted several times a week for spare parts. Cyclists love the Transport racks so much that they call and request a new strap for the wheel tray, or replacement bushings, or sometimes they just purchased a new vehicle and the hitch size no longer fits. It’s great to hear how much people love our Transport bike racks and how long they’ve been using them!

Sportworks Transport Bike Rack with Bike Loaded

Sportworks Transport bike racks were born 1997, leveraging the design principles and knowledge we gained when we introduced the industry's first commercially successful Bike-Rack-For-Buses in 1993. Our industry-standard transit bike racks have helped make bike and bus transportation options possible for millions of transit riders across North America. You can find Sportworks Transit Bike Racks on the road with more than 500 transit agencies across North America as well as a handful of countries abroad.

Sportworks Apex 3 Position Bike Rack

On that note, we at Sportworks would like to thank you for your continued interest in the Transport Bike Racks for your personal vehicle, but if you’re in need of parts or support we must ask that you please visit https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/thule-support/spare-parts or call (800) 238-2388 for any spare parts or items you might need and keep on cycling!