Sportworks Announces Bike Parking Partnership with VelopA of the Netherlands

May 22, 2018

Woodinville, WA USA — Sportworks, creator of the No Scratch® bike parking racks and Bike-Rack-for-Buses™, based in the United States, has established an exclusive partnership with VelopA, an industry-leading designer of bike racks, shelters, and site furnishings, based in the Netherlands. With this partnership, Sportworks has obtained exclusive distribution rights in North America to the VelopA product line, with a focus on their two-tier bike parking racks.

Sportworks is proud to add the VelopA Easylift Premium and CapaCITY two-tier bike parking racks to its own line of innovative bike parking products. The VelopA products are highly complementary to the No Scratch® Tofino, Oahu, and Westport racks, the Vertical+ No Scratch® system, as well as the Plaza™ high density bike rack. With sophisticated design and gas-assist lift technology, the Easylift Premium is the easiest-to-use two-tier system in the industry. It complies with the rigorous Dutch FietsParKeur standard for dual level bicycle parking systems. Also available is the CapaCITY two-tier system, which offers exceptional value. VelopA is the leading provider of two-tier bicycle parking in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and has provided parking for multiple transit hub projects each accommodating over 5,000 bicycles.

With the introduction of the VelopA Easylift Premium and CapaCITY products to the North American market, facility managers and users are now able to deploy and use the market-leading two-tier bike parking system from the Netherlands, a country widely known as the bicycling capital of the world. As demand for high quality bike parking increases in North America, but available space remains constant, two-tier systems are often the best option to double bike parking density while maintaining ease of use.

The VelopA Easylift Premium and CapaCITY systems are easy to use, offer u-lock compatibility, are space efficient, cost effective to deploy and maintain, fast to install, and rated for heavy duty use indoors or out. Common applications include secure parking areas at transit hubs, commercial and multifamily bike rooms, bike shelters and cages on university campuses, and parking garage installations. Sportworks offers complimentary CAD layouts for new or existing bike parking facilities, leveraging a complete lineup of vertical, horizontal, and two-tier bike parking products, complimented by heavy duty bike repair stands, air pumps, and other amenities. All Sportworks bike parking products and layouts meet the guidelines defined by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.

Eric Rayl, President of Sportworks, recently shared his perspective on the partnership: “Sportworks is excited for this partnership with VelopA. To have the opportunity to represent industry-leading product from another company that is fully committed to better bike infrastructure is outstanding. As the demand for high density bike parking for both private facilities and transit hubs grows in North America, we are delighted to be aligned with a provider who has proven they can design and supply both the largest and the most sophisticated bike parking installations in the world.”

James Steward, CEO of VelopA: “We at VelopA are delighted to begin working together with Sportworks in the North American market. By sharing the vast knowledge we have accumulated from years of operating in the Dutch and European markets, and learning about the North American market with the knowledge provided by Sportworks, we look forward to making the most out of this relationship. Encouraging cycle use in the USA is the way forward due to its many advantages, and by providing top quality designs and user friendly products, we believe that VelopA and Sportworks are the right partners to serve the US market. We anticipate many years of working together and serving new bike infrastructure opportunities in the US market for Sportworks and VelopA.” 

About Sportworks:

Sportworks has been designing and manufacturing bicycle products since 1990. We designed the industry’s first Bike-Rack-for-Buses™ in 1993, and currently supply these transit racks to over 500 municipalities throughout North America. In 2011, we developed a line of stationary bike parking products including the innovative No Scratch® rack, the first bike parking rack with a fully integrated non-abrasive bumper that protects bikes. Sportworks transit racks are Buy America certified, and many of our No Scratch® bike parking racks are listed with Declare for materials sourcing transparency.

About VelopA: 

VelopA, founded in 1959, is Europe’s leading expert in bicycle parking, and the market leader in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. At VelopA we are pleased and proud to be making a sustainable contribution to the quality of public space by providing advanced bicycle parking solutions, attractive street furniture, and innovative sport equipment. Our bicycle innovations range from user-friendly parking systems for indoor spaces to customized shelters and automated bicycle retrieval systems. By always listening to our customers and responding with tailor-made solutions, we aim to facilitate change as effectively as possible. We closely follow the latest trends, and this enables us to utilize our expertise by developing innovative products and service concepts.