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Available in a 12 or 16 bike version, the Bike Trailer was designed to transport large quantities of bicycles in a single trip, and is a popular choice with national parks and university campuses alike. The Trailer's unique quick load system secures the front and rear bicycle tires in seconds, and allows bikes to be independently loaded and unloaded from any position.

This D.O.T. compliant bike trailer is a durable, high quality design with fully operational running gear and minimal size to allow for excellent maneuverability. The Trailers rear bicycle wheel spring hoop and unique No Scratch™ support arm provide an intuitive, quick and secure loading system that ensures protection for the bike and easy one hand operation for the user.

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Factoid Jerry The Sportworks Team

Jerry Stewart, Vice President of Engineering, has logged a lot of bike commuting miles in his 11-year tenure with Sportworks. Jerry bikes to work an average of two days per week, year round. Bound and determined to commute by bike even through the worst weather (and even though his wife thinks he’s a bit crazy), Jerry has braved some of the the worst rain and even 6” of snow on his 40 mile, round trip commute.

A former competitive mountain biker, Jerry’s passion for biking “is the perfect fit with our company vision and the products we offer.”

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