Full Size Vending Machine

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Full Size Vending Machine

The Full Size Vending Machine has been designed and tested to reliably vend bicycle products as large as a U-lock! A common candy bar machine simply cannot withstand the vigors of the urban environment or outdoor weather. With this bike parking accessory you can easily expand your bike shop's reach without the expense of a new store location, offer a necessary resource to your local cycling community, or start a small business and support bicycle infrastructure at the same time.

The High Security Vending Machine is extremely rugged, built to withstand inside and outside conditions, and has internal cooling and optional heating for cold climates. It has unique features that make it extremely resistant to vandalism and is the most rugged transparent, front vending machine available. It can be configured to accept all major payment methods including coins, bills, and credit and stored value cards. You can even make your own gift cards with any stated value.

Features and Benefits:

  • Specially designed to vend emergency bicycle repair parts and accessories
  • Remote auditing via cellular network allows you to remotely monitor sales and inventory data
  • Bike Fixation will supply vending machine owners with a planogram of suggested stocking items
  • Maintenance is extremely minimal and affordable since machines use common vending technology
  • Models available specifically for Indoor or Outdoor use, see below for pricing
  • Your machine can be customized to accept bills, coins, credit cards, university payment cards, and various types of gift cards
  • Available in a range of powder coat colors

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