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Green Guru Bicycle Tube Recycling Vending Machine

Sportworks has partnered with Bike Fixtation and Green Guru to provide simple and cost effective inner tube recycling services for bike rooms, repair kiosks, and other public use bicycle repair stations. Green Guru "upcycles" inner tubes into useful products like messenger bags. This prevents the used tubes from ending up in a landfill. The program provides the complete recycling solution including prepaid shipping vouchers and a secure recycling box. The secure recycling box allows for unattended public tube collection.

The recycling program has the following steps:

  1. You first must be preapproved by Bike Fixtation to participate in the program. You can contact Sportworks at You will purchase a secure tube recycling box and be enrolled in the program.
  2. As a program participant you will collect tubes at your secure recycling box on an as-needed basis.
  3. Thorn-less and slimed tubes are removed and the leftover tubes are compiled in a larger shipping box.
  4. You will then send an email to or call 303-258-1611 with the weight and dimensions of the box. Green Guru will send a pre-paid UPS postage label to you for return shipping. Green Guru will have certain box size minimum requirements to minimize the cost of shipping for each tube.
  5. Green Guru will then clean the inner tubes and fashion them into useful cycling and outdoor products.

Green Guru is based in Boulder, CO and designs, manufactures, and sells durable eco-friendly luggage/bags, bike accessory, and lifestyle products from reclaimed materials. For more information about Green Guru, visit Green Guru's About Us page.

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Need help? 888-661-0555 / M-F: 7:00am-4:00pm Pacific