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Motivated by the need to extend capacity beyond the bus front, the Interlock™ is an ideal solution for safely transporting bikes inside transit vehicles. The Interlock™ was designed with a unique front and rear wheel securing system that is fast and easy to use. Considered a semi-custom design, the Interlock™ can be adapted to an array of interior transit vehicle locations, and easily stores out of the way when not in use.

The Interlock's simple, intuitive design requires minimal lifting and allows for two-handed contact on the bike at all times. The rack efficiently stores bikes to minimize aisle interference when in use, and produces minimal lateral movement even during quick stops and hard turns. The Interlock™ is the ideal choice for public transit vehicles (including rail cars) when additional bicycle carrying capacity is required.

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Factoid Zqwan The Sportworks Team

Zqwan Peterson, a Sr. Sales & Support Specialist, has been with Sportworks for nine years. He puts his collection of 14 bikes to good use, road racing for a local bike team, track racing and participating in mountain and cyclocross racing. To top it off, Z commutes 18 miles round trip, two to three times a week, year round, “except when it’s icy.”

Z’s involvement with biking plays a key part in his job at Sportworks. “It helps me relate to the end-user of our bike racks. Since I know so many cyclists in the community I offer feedback to our engineers that I hear from real world users."

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