Integrating Bike Rack Usage with Automated Passenger Counting

Bike Counter Square

Matt Childs // 09.26.2017


Passenger data has become instrumental to transit agencies and planners for all decision making needs. With the goal of gathering useful data in mind, Sportworks is pleased to announce the long-awaited Bike Counter Harness for transit bike racks.

This innovative product has been field tested for the past 18 months and is a durable solution for collecting data from the bike rack mounted on the front of buses. Proven to be bus-wash compatible, it has been tested to stand up to the rigors of daily use while still accurately collecting valuable passenger data. The Bike Counter Harness uses a Weatherpack connector that directly links to the transit agency's automated passenger counting (APC) system or alternate means of collecting the data. The Counter has the durability to withstand the sun, wind, rain, sleet and snow environments to make this another Sportworks Transit Tough product.

As the global leader in bike racks for buses for the past 25 plus years, Sportworks has seen many changes that enable transit agencies to provide additional multi-modal choices to the transit riding public. For the Bike Counter Harness, Sportworks has worked with agencies across the country to develop a product that will provide even better access for cyclists and gather the important data needed for all those looking to utilize and improve transportation options. The hope is that cyclists can verify in real time an available bike rack on the upcoming bus and make an educated decision for their transportation options. Likewise, transit agencies can collect and analyze cyclist data to shift transportation assets to critical locations based on passenger needs.

The Bike Counter Harness is available pre-installed on your new bike rack or as a convenient option to purchase as an aftermarket kit to install in the field. The expertise of the Sportworks Engineering Team is at your fingertips, contact them at 888-661-0555 for any questions, big or small.

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