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Team Sportworks Rides from Seattle to Portland in One Day

Team Sportworks Rides from Seattle to Portland in One Day

STP 2017

Tony Matesi // 07.19.2017

On Saturday, July 15, 2017, two of our own decided to take on the Cascade Bicycle Club Seattle to Portland Bike Ride aka STP. Around 10,000 cyclists participated in the 203-mile ride from Seattle to Portland, while a majority of the riders took this challenge on over the course of two days, myself and a coworker decided to join those courageous enough to attempt the full ride in one day. 

The two of us spent 2-3 months training for this endeavor and, in the end, we were victorious. While it may have taken the entire allotted time (with stops) to complete the journey, we made it from Seattle to Portland in 14 hours riding time plus somewhere around 2 hours of stops. We started the ride around 5 AM and pedaled our way through the first 50 miles with ease. The next 50 wasn't too bad and we cleared "The Hill" near Puyallup with relative ease, wondering what all the fuss was about. 

A Day of Compassion for the Sportworks Sales Team

A Day of Compassion for the Sportworks Sales Team

Jana Anderson // 06.20.2017

As a team building exercise, to promote an interactive, engaging activity outside of work, the Sales Team at Sportworks Northwest, volunteered half their work day to help a local rescue sanctuary, Pasado’s Safe Haven.

Although everyone’s hope was to work with the animals and clean their stalls, we ended up completing some much-needed landscaping;  and we were still able to meet several of the Safe Haven family and have a private tour.

At Pasado’s Safe Haven they work hard to end animal cruelty and become the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves. Here are just a few items with which their tireless efforts are supporting:

  •  Investigations and Rescue: They are helping improve the response to crimes against animals through investigations, rescue and training programs.
  • Sanctuary: Their 85-acre sanctuary is home to over 200 dogs, cats, and farmed animals, most of whom arrived from cases of cruelty or neglect.
  • Outreach: They connect people with online and sanctuary-based education and advocacy initiatives designed to reduce animal suffering and grow compassion.
  • Homelessness Prevention: They are preventing unwanted animals and shelter overpopulation through targeted spay and neuter and food bank programs.

As a shout out for Pasado’s Safe Haven and supporting their immediate and future endeavors please consider keeping up our day of compassion by supporting them with:

  • Sponsor an animal! Sponsoring an animal is a great way to support their work with a monthly gift, while knowing that your gift gives back to the animals.
  • Find out if your company participates in Workplace Giving What’s better than making a donation to help end animal cruelty - when that same donation is matched by your employer!
  • Start changing lives with their 7Lives in 7Days challenge and make the world a more compassionate place.
  • If in the Seattle WA area, become a Volunteer, Host a Benefit, or check out their Rental Space for your next team retreat!

Overall, this unique team building day was a great day of volunteering and learning about my co-workers on a new level. I look forward to another Compassion Day with my team at Sportworks. 

Introducing Sportworks Apex 2 Modular Transit Bike Rack

Introducing Sportworks Apex 2 Modular Transit Bike Rack

Sportworks Apex 2 - 2 Position Modular Bike Rack

Tony Matesi // 04.19.2017

Introducing the new Sportworks Apex 2™ modular bike rack system. The sleek, compact design follows in the footsteps of the Sportworks Apex 3™ bike rack. 

The stainless steel frame, wheel trays, and support arms are designed to reduce bounce and uses the same heavy-duty pivot plate as the Apex 3.

In addition to structural updates, the engineers at Sportworks have made design improvements across the board in the development of the new Apex 2™.

This 2-position bike rack is the new standard for bike racks on buses. 

Sportworks Apex 2™ will be available June 2017.


Representative DelBene Marks Manufacturing Day at Sportworks

Representative DelBene Marks Manufacturing Day at Sportworks

Suzan DelBene Visits Sportworks on Manufacturing Day in Support of Better Bicycle Infrastructure.

Julie Gregg // 10.10.2016

Suzan DelBene, Steve Durrant with Alta Planning and Alex Alston of the Cascade Bicycle Club visit Sportworks on Manufacturing Day. Delbene represents the 1st Congressional District in the State of Washington while Steve Durrant is VP with Alta Planning in Seattle and Alex Alston is the new Statewide Policy Director with Cascade.  The group toured the Sportworks production facility in Woodinville in support of Manufacturing Day and to further the conversation in support of creating better bicycle infrastructure and multi-modal transportation choices.

A Case for Adding Bike Racks to New York City Buses

A Case for Adding Bike Racks to New York City Buses

Why New York Should Consider Adding Bike Racks to their Buses

Julie Gregg // 07.15.2016

A compelling video presented by Streetfilms with input from the Alliance for Biking and Walking, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and Cascade Bicycle Club urging the city of New York to take a cue from every other sizeable US city in improving bicycle infrastructure and multi-modal commute options by adding bike racks to the front of New York City Buses.

Lowering Your Commute Carbon Footprint, Not Just for Urban Bike Commuters.

Lowering Your Commute Carbon Footprint, Not Just for Urban Bike Commuters.

One suburban dwelling engineer's quest to reduce his carbon commute by bike.

Tony Matesi // 04.21.2016

How does any aspiring bike commuter live in the suburbs; the land of strip malls, high speed roads and highways and often lacking in sufficient bicycle infrastructure and commute to work by bike? One of our engineers shares his story of how to do just that and even become an avid suburban bike commuter in the process.

SeaTac Airport: Getting There By Bike

SeaTac Airport: Getting There By Bike

Airport makes improvements, but the ride is not for the faint of heart. The bicycle amenities that await your arrival however are state of the art.


This article was originally published on the Washington Bikes Blog at on December 23, 2014 by Guest blogger Lisa Enns and is reprinted here with permission.

Lisa is a Seattle area cyclist earning a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Washington

Bike Parking Planning? What You Need to Know.

Bike Parking Planning? What You Need to Know.

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