Planning and Layouts

Sportworks offers a variety of complimentary services to help plan your next bicycle parking area. We have worked with hundreds of architects, planners, contractors, owners, and property managers to design and equip bicycle parking areas throughout the United States and Canada. We enjoy sharing our expertise and experience to help design efficient, user friendly, and accessible bicycle parking facilities.

Consultation Services

Planning and Consultation:

Our planning and consultation service aims to help architects and planners optimize a bicycle parking area during the design phase, preferably before the floor plans have been finalized. We will provide input for optimizing the available space in the area, including recommendations for placement of doors, restrooms, lockers, and other room structures. One of our bicycle parking experts will work with you via screenshare or phone call to help you with the details of your bicycle parking area. The goal is to help you save time now, reduce rework later, and streamline the creation of an optimize bicycle parking area. Our consultation services are done by appointment only. Please contact our sales and support team to set up an appointment.

Bike Parking Layouts Icon

Bicycle Parking Layout:

We are available to create a bicycle parking layout for you. We will work within your specifications and constraints to achieve an optimal balance of bicycle capacity, rack types, repair amenities, and any other project requirements. We have experience working with city-specific bicycle parking ordinances, ensuring that local requirements are met for spacing, accessible parking spaces, and aisle widths. When you are ready for a bicycle parking layout, please click the link below, fill out the form, and attach the requested documents. One of your sales staff will reach out for any additional information we may require, and our team will get started on your layout. Layouts are usually returned within three days of request.

To help streamline the process here are some things that our sales and support team will need to create your layout:

Site drawing(s):

  • DWG or vector file formats are preferred.
  • Non vector file formats can be used
  • Fully dimensioned hand sketch can also be used
  • Floor mounted and/or wall mounted bike racks

Parking preference(s):

  • Desired/required capacity
  • Horizontal and/or vertical parking

Code requirements:

  • Bike-to-bike spacing requirements applicable in some cities
  • Desired aisle way clearances
  • ADA considerations

Site constraints:

  • Doorway, switch box, maintenance closet or other clearances required
  • Areas or walls/floors not suitable for bike parking
  • Height restrictions