ADA-compliant Bike Parking Racks

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Katie Staver // 06.29.2021

Safe Sidewalks

Increasingly, municipalities and other public agencies are specifying ADA-compliant bicycle racks. Cane detectable bike racks have a narrow footprint or a low crossbar, making the rack more easily found by someone who uses a cane to help with navigation. These racks help keep pedestrian ways accessible and navigable for as many people as possible.

Cane detectable bicycle racks are ideal for busy sidewalks, popular plazas, school campuses, and any heavily used circulation pathways where accessibility is a key concern.

Cane Detectable Racks 2

Sportworks makes a variety of bicycle racks that qualify as cane detectable and comply with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, Chapter 3, Section 307.3, for post-mounted objects in circulation paths. We have cane detectable racks in our No Scratch® and Commercial lines of products. We also offer a customizable cane detectable rack design that our responsive engineering team can adjust to meet specific specifications and city ordinances.

Cane Detectable Tofinos

Our most popular cane detectable rack is the Cane Detectable Tofino No Scratch® rack. The rack features a low crossbar that is easily detectable with a cane as well as our proprietary No Scratch® bumper that helps protect bikes from getting scratched when locked to the rack. The Westport No Scratch® rack is another popular option. The rack has a narrow footprint that allows the rack to be easily detected.