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Sportworks has teamed up with DezignLine to create the Mobility Hub: the most universal, visible, and durable on-street infrastructure available for all micro-mobility vehicle types. The Mobility Hub provides optimal parking for scooters and bicycles, including bike share and scooter share programs.

The Mobility Hub

  • Keeps sidewalks clear for pedestrian travel
  • Is compatible with micro-mobility vehicles including bikes, scooters, and share programs
  • Is U-Lock compatible for both bikes and scooters
  • Is rapidly deployable
  • Can be set up as temporary or permanent infrastructure
  • Is available in multiple configurations

The Mobility Hub comes in two different package kits: Standard and Premium.

Mobility Hub Standard Kit

Mobility Hub Standard Kit

Mobility Hub Premium

Mobility Hub Premium Kit

Finishes return to top

Sportworks bike parking products are available in a wide variety of finishes and materials. Please contact us for specific details regarding minimum lot size charges on finishes.



If color is not a requirement, this hot dip galvanized finish is a good choice for durability, low cost and corrosion protection on mild steel racks. While a galvanized finish will appear rough when compared to zinc plated and powder coated finishes, galvanizing provides the highest degree of corrosion resistance of all three. Additionally, galvanizing can also be used as an under coating treatment to TGIC and PPA powder coats. All Sportworks galvanized bike racks are finished to ASTM A123.

Bead Blast

Bead Blast

Unlike powder coating and galvanizing, this finish removes material during the application process, and is ideal for stainless steel racks. Small glass particles (media) traveling at high velocities impact the metal removing the outer surface, and resulting in a mildly-textured or matted finish. Similar to galvanizing, there are no color options available for this type of finish. Sportworks stainless steel bike racks represent the highest level of corrosion protection available.

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Mild Steel

Mild Steel

The primary alloying element of mild steel is carbon. This enables bending and forming, while maintaining strong mechanical properties. A finish is required for outdoor applications (galvanizing, plating, powder coating, thermoplastics, or painting) as unfinished mild steel will rust and corrode when exposed to air and moisture.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as mild steel because it contains more chromium and nickel. A passive film of oxides prevents surface corrosion and blocks corrosion from spreading into the internal structure of the metal. Stainless steel can still corrode and discolor in certain environments, however the strength and appearance can withstand exposure in most outdoor locations.

Mounting Options return to top

Complete installation instructions for all Sportworks bike parking products are available as a PDF on this page or by visiting the downloads section of the website.

Rail Mount

Rail Mount

Rail mount secures a series of bicycle racks to metal rails. Rail mounts reduce the installation time when multiple bicycle racks are needed in the same location. Additionally, the user can leave the rails unsecured and manipulate the bicycle racks when necessary to support sidewalk clearing or cleaning.

Green Certifications return to top

At Sportworks, we take environmental responsibility very seriously. Our bike racks are made with post-industrial recycled steel. We trace the location of origin and material/chemical composition of all the raw materials and sourced components we use. We also monitor VOC content in our finishing materials, and use recycled content in our packaging materials.

Installation of Sportworks bike racks may assist your project in qualifying for the following green building certification programs:


  • SS Credit 4.2-Alternative Transportation-Bicycle Storage and Changing Rooms
    To qualify for this credit, commercial, institutional or residential buildings must provide secure bicycle parking within 200 yards of a building entrance.
  • MR Credit 4.1—Recycled Content—10% | MR Credit 4.2—Recycled Content—20%
    Sportworks stainless steel bicycle racks average 87% total recycled content; 72% post-consumer recycled content; 15% pre-consumer (post-industrial) recycled content.
  • MR Credit 5.1—Regional Materials—10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally | MR Credit 5.2—Regional Materials—20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally
    Our manufacturing facility is in Woodinville, Washington. If your project is within 500 miles of our factory, you may qualify for these credits.

Living Building Challenge

Tofino™ No Scratch® Bike Rack is fully compliant with the Materials Red List of the Living Building Challenge, which means they don't contain harmful materials including formaldehyde, halogenated flame retardants, PVC, lead, mercury, CFC's, HCFC's, neoprene (chloroprene) and cadmium.

Our bike racks may also help fulfill the Car-Free Living, Appropriate Sourcing, Conservation & Reuse, and the Human Scale & Humane Places imperatives within Version 2.0 of the Living Building Challenge.

Green Globes™

Sportworks bike racks can help you qualify for the following Green Globes™ credits:

  • E.2—Minimal Consumption of Resources Sportworks racks are made with recycled content and may be considered locally manufactured depending on the location of your project in relation to our factory in Woodinville, Washington.
  • C.5—Energy Efficient Transportation Sportworks racks support the requirement of providing safe storage areas with fixed mountings for bicycles.