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Katie Staver // 08.21.2020

The benefits of accommodating more bicycles onboard your commercial transit vehicles.


More people are relying on their bicycle as a vehicle for transportation. New York City has seen a 50% increase in bicycle trips taken across the East River Bridges compared to 2019 (StreetsBlog). As bicycle ridership has increased, so has the need to support multi-modal forms of travel. Multi-modal travel necessitates the transport of bicycles onboard a wide spectrum of transit vehicle types including, but not limited to: light rail, commuter trains, bus rapid transit systems (BRT), ferries, and other vehicles that can accommodate interior bicycle racks.

The ability to carry bicycles on buses has helped increase ridership since the 1990s. We are currently seeing a rise in demand for the transportation of bicycles inside trains, light rail, and BRT.

Why is it important to accommodate bicycles inside commercial transit vehicles like trains, light rail, and BRT?

Great question!

Some transit passengers will have a bicycle connection on one end of their trip. In these scenarios, both the passenger's and transit agency's needs can be met by offering a secure, safe, and convenient  bicycle parking  facility. However, many passengers will fall into scenarios where they will need to bring their bicycles with them. Some of those scenarios are:

  • Both the first and last mile connections of their trip are too far to walk
  • The passenger is taking a one-way trip
  • There is a lack of suitable bicycle parking
  • Route issues: the passenger is taking public transit because it is the only way to traverse unsafe roads, inaccessible bridges, or there is a lot of elevation change
  • Available time: The cyclist wishes to commute by bicycle one way but not both
  • Health and safety: due to weather, illness, personal safety, bicycle breakdown, lack of bicycle lights, or other equipment difficulties, the passenger will opt to take a bus for some or all of their trip.
Interior Rack Installation

Bicycles provide an essential function by efficiently allowing your passengers to travel through their communities using multiple modes of transportation. Increase your ridership by providing bicycle transportation inside your commuter trains, light rail, and BRT vehicles so that the residents of the communities you serve can easily commute to their jobs, run errands, and travel daily through your service area.

Sportworks has a responsive team of engineers ready to work with you to design a layout which will meet the internal spacing requirements of your specific vehicles. Our goal is to provide bicycle racks that are easy to use, are safe and secure, and can transport bicycles without creating any aisle interference. That way, your passengers can move through your vehicles without getting tangled up in Bicycles.

Our interior bicycle racks are in active use in a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trollies, trains, light rail, and BRT systems.

Interior Installations

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