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Custom Bike Rack

At Sportworks we understand the need to get just the right look with your bike parking installation, and we are here to help you achieve that. We offer the option to have a custom sign plate attached to a selection of our bike parking racks which can have your artwork laser cut-out of the sign plate or we the other option involves branding the stainless steel sign plate through a chemical laser marking process, this is the preferred method for intricate logos and/or designs.

Sportworks also offers the option to purchase colored powder coated racks. It is our recommendation to embrace the natural beauty of stainless steel, but, we understand that sometimes you just have a need for a dash of color. Therefore, we offer a selection of standard color options on most racks or if you're looking for something a little more accurate to your brand's colors, we do offer custom colors at an additional cost.

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Custom sign plates are added to the rack with your logo or design cut-out from the sign plate.



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Custom sign plates are added to the rack with your logo or design through a chemical laser marking (CLM) process. Stainless steel sign plate required.

Chemical Laser Marking

Chemical Laser Marking

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Sportworks offers the following standard color palette for our bicycle racks. All standard colors are available in both a polyester and a thermoplastic powder coat and are typically available within our standard lead time. All polyester powder coat colors include an epoxy primer undercoat. Zinc plating is also available as an alternate undercoat option.

Powder Coat Colors

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Custom colors are available, and subject to minimum orders and lot charges. Custom colors matching RAL or Pantone, as well as anti-graffiti powder coat colors are available and may involve extended lead times and/or lot changes. Plascoat thermoplastic powder coat provides the following benefits: excellent corrosion, fade, chip, abrasion and graffiti resistance. For more information regarding custom colors contact our sales team.

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