Terrace™ High Density Bike Parking System

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The Terrace™ high density bike parking system is modular and configurable to fit virtually any space. Optimized for easy assembly, Terrace supplies the best stability and fastest installation of two-tier parking systems.

Maintenance Free and Easy to Use

Dual slot trays with roll-in design; Integrated drainage provides durable rust-free storage

Keeps Bikes Safe and Secure

Multiple contact points and a 16” high support rail; Tamper resistant hardware

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Sportworks' bike racks are made with post-industrial recycled steel. We trace the location of origin and material/chemical composition of all the raw materials and sourced components we use. We also monitor VOC content in our finishing materials, and use recycled content in our packaging materials.

Installation of Sportworks bike racks may assist your project in qualifying for the following green building certification programs:


  • SS Credit 4.2-Alternative Transportation-Bicycle Storage and Changing Rooms To qualify for this credit, commercial, institutional or residential buildings must provide secure bicycle parking within 200 yards of a building entrance.
  • MR Credit 4.1—Recycled Content—10% | MR Credit 4.2—Recycled Content—20% Sportworks stainless steel bicycle racks average 87% total recycled content; 72% post-consumer recycled content; 15% pre-consumer (post-industrial) recycled content.
  • MR Credit 5.1—Regional Materials—10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally | MR Credit 5.2—Regional Materials—20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally Our manufacturing facility is in Woodinville, Washington. If your project is within 500 miles of our factory, you may qualify for these credits.

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The Terrace™ bike parking system is constructed of mild steel and features a colored powder-coat finish. Available in dark gray and black, custom colors are also available. Please contact us for pricing and lead times: sales@sportworks.com

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Mild Steel

Mild Steel

The primary alloying element of mild steel is carbon. This enables bending and forming, while maintaining strong mechanical properties. A finish is required for outdoor applications (galvanizing, plating, powder coating, thermoplastics, or painting) as unfinished mild steel will rust and corrode when exposed to air and moisture.