Get On Board with Apex™ Bicycle Racks

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Katie Staver // 07.13.2021

There are many reasons to try our Sportworks Apex bicycle racks. Read more about all the benefits of our Apex racks and check out our case study featuring Big Blue Bus.

Get On Board with Apex Bicycle Racks

If something works, why change it? Sometimes even if it works well, it can be improved to accommodate a broader range of conditions and users and provide a better experience for the end-user.

Sportworks designed and manufactured the industry's first widely adopted Bicycle-Rack-For-Buses in 1993. This rack continues today as our original DL2 and was adapted into a 3-position rack: The Trilogy. As much as we love our older rack designs, we also knew that we could make an improved rack that is more robust, easier to maintain, and can accommodate a broader range of bikes. The result is our Apex family of bike racks.

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The Apex family of bicycle racks is our improved and all-around better front-of-vehicle lineup of bike racks. Our Apex bike racks have these advantages:

  • Accommodate an extensive range of bike wheelbases, wheel sizes, and tire widths
  • Improved turn radius and approach angle
  • Improved heavy-duty support arms and pivot bushings
  • Modular design allows for easier maintenance
  • New and more robust pivot plate
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories and add-ons, including fat tire trays and support arms, bike counters, and deployment kits
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Case Study: Big Blue Bus

Over the past few years, Big Blue Bus out of Santa Monica has been in the process of updating its bus fleet and switching over from Sportworks standard bike racks to Apex racks. As a result, Big Blue Bus now utilizes a mix of Apex 2 and Apex 3 bike racks on their entire bus fleet. About 14% of their bus fleet are sporting Apex 3 racks, with the remaining 86% of their fleet utilizing Apex 2 racks. This setup has helped Big Blue Bus optimize their fleet so that routes with higher demand have buses with 3 position racks, and routes with lower demand have buses with 2 position racks. In addition, the modular design of Sportworks Apex racks has made it easier for Big Blue Bus to maintain their bike racks.

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Interested in trying out Apex bicycle racks? Check out our Apex demo program to experience the advantages of our Apex racks for your organization.