Elements Of A Bicycle Rack System

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Elements Of A Bicycle Rack System

Katie Staver // 03.10.2021

Every vehicle with a Sportworks front mounted bicycle rack needs to be equipped with three elements so that the bicycle rack can be correctly mounted to the vehicle. The trick is making sure that you have the right elements for your vehicle.

Elements Of A Bicycle Rack System Newsletter

Every vehicle with a Sportworks front mounted bicycle rack needs to be equipped with three elements so that the bicycle rack can be correctly mounted to the vehicle. These three elements are:

  1. Mounting brackets: These include Stand Offs, C-Brackets, Dual Receivers, and many types of vehicle specific brackets. Mounting brackets form the stable and secure platform for the bicycle rack system.
  2. Pivot Plate. The pivot plate is what the bicycle rack gets mounted on, and it allows the bicycle rack to move from its stored (vertical) position to its deployed (horizontal) position and vice versa.
  3. Bicycle Rack. The bicycle rack safely transports a wide variety of bicycle types.

As an alternative to the first two elements, our Ten Second Bracket incorporates both the mounting brackets and the pivot plate into one component.

Tsbs For Newsletter

We teamed up with Romeo Rim, a leading manufacturer of transit vehicle bumpers, to develop the Ten Second Bracket (TSB) that can be rapidly installed or removed from the front of vehicles. We offer TSBs for our two primary rack families: Standard (DL) and Apex. Our TSBs can be installed or removed in ten seconds and use two hand knobs to tighten and secure without additional tools. TSBs require a compatible bumper. Please contact our sales team to determine if your vehicle has a compatible bumper for one of our TSBs.

Sportworks works closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure that we have a wide range of mounting equipment available to fit most types of commercial transit vehicles and bumpers. The most commonly installed bracket types that we make are Stand Offs and C-Brackets.

Brackets Newsletter

We also offer many vehicle-specific mounting solutions for cutaways, vehicles with recessed bumpers, electric trollies, and other vehicle types. When designing a mounting system for any vehicle, Sportworks considers approach angle, headlight and turn signal interference, bicycle handlebar to vehicle clearance, effect on turn radius, driver visibility, and other factors.

If we do not currently have a mounting solution that will work for your specific vehicle or your needs, our engineering team is often able to help with a new design.

Types Of Buses

An appropriate Bicycle Rack System is dependent on your unique needs, the vehicle model, bumper type, and state laws. Our sales staff will need to know a few things to make sure that we can provide the best Bicycle Rack System for your vehicle type:

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle bumper type
  • Desired bicycle rack model
  • Stainless steel or mild steel?
  • Any additional accessories or features needed?

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our sales team or request a quote on our website. We are proud to be represented in-person across the United States and Canada by Transit Marketing Group. If you would like an in-person visit with a sales representative from Transit Marketing Group, please contact our inside sales team.