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The Stand-Off is the most common bracket type to attach pivot plates and bicycle racks and is the most commonly recommended mounting method. Stand-Off brackets provide excellent stability for the bicycle rack as well as easy installation and removal of the pivot plate. Stand-Off brackets are available in various lengths and do not require removal of the bumper for installation. The following information will be necessary for our sales staff to determine the proper fit for your vehicle: vehicle make and model, vehicle year, bumper manufacturer, and type.

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Standoff Installed
Standoff Installed

A Stand-Off attaches to the vehicle through holes drilled into the front of the vehicle's bumper urethane module. Installation templates and instructions are available from Sportworks for a wide variety of transit vehicles.

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Elements Of A Bicycle Rack System Elements Of A Bicycle Rack System

A Bicycle Rack System is made up of the following component. Each component is necessary to correctly mount and use our bicycle racks.

  1. Mounting Bracket
  2. Pivot Plate
  3. Bicycle Rack

* Our Ten Second Bracket (TSB) incorporates both a mounting bracket and a pivot plate into one product.

Mounting brackets do require bolt kits for installation.

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