InterLock Bicycle Racks for the Taiwan Railways Administration

Bicycle stored on a Sportworks InterLock bicycle rack

How the Taiwan Railways Administration is Expanding Its Train Service

Katie Staver // 11.18.2020

The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) has embarked on an extensive plan to expand its system and increase carrying capacity by almost 40%. A key part the TRA's expansion project is to provide more onboard amenities including additional bicycle transportation. Read more about the TRA project and about the customized InterLock bicycle racks we designed and engineered for the project.

The Taiwan Railways Administration has embarked on an extensive plan to expand its system and increase carrying capacity by almost 40%. This project will be a multi-year undertaking that will improve overall passenger capacity and upgrade the experience of passengers. The new train cars will provide more onboard amenities, including increased bicycle accommodation and additional space provided for families traveling with young children or strollers and provide more accessible seating.

Emu900 Train Cars Tra With Photo Credit

An exciting aspect of the Taiwan Railways project is the increase in allocated space and racks dedicated to bicycle transportation. Each train will have the capacity to transport 12 bicycles. The bicycle racks that will be installed on the train cars for the Taiwan Railways Administration are Sportworks InterLock racks. Over the course of three years Sportworks will be providing racks for a total of 624 bicycle positions.

Inter Locks For The Tra With Photo Credit

The InterLock bicycle racks for the project have a few customizations, including an integrated waist-height handrail and an overhead grab loop. The rack is safe, secure, and requires minimal bicycle lifting. The efficient design of the InterLock will ensure that stored bicycles will not interfere with the aisleway, and each rack includes an integrated ratchet strap to increase stored bicycles' stability.

Sportworks InterLock Bicycle Rack

The InterLock rack was designed to be modular, allowing numerous mounting options and angles to fit various interior spaces and achieve high-density parking. By recognizing the unique challenges of transporting bicycles onboard transit vehicles, our responsive in-house design and engineering team can meet our customers' application-specific needs by providing consultation and custom layouts. Our in-house team works with our customers to design custom mounting solutions or features, like integrated handrails, to ensure that the limited space inside transit vehicles is efficiently used and will provide safe and secure transportation for people and bicycles.


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