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OT Interlock (1) CAD

Motivated by the need to extend capacity beyond the bus front, the Interlock™ is an ideal solution for safely transporting bikes inside transit vehicles. The InterLock™ interior bike rack was designed with a unique front and rear wheel securing system that is fast and easy to use. Considered a semi-custom design, the InterLock™ can be adapted to an array of interior transit vehicle locations, and easily stores out of the way when not in use.

The InterLock's simple, intuitive design requires minimal lifting and allows for two-handed contact on the bike at all times. The rack efficiently stores bikes to minimize aisle interference when in use, and produces minimal lateral movement even during quick stops and hard turns. The InterLock™ is the ideal choice for public transit vehicles (including rail cars) when additional bicycle carrying capacity is required.

  • The InterLock uses a hands-free “slam-latch" rear wheel retention system, which allows the rider to stow the bicycle from a standing position with minimal lifting
  • Rounded outside corners for rider and passenger safety
  • Minimum number of parts are used on the rack, making it easy to maintain, providing years of dependable service
  • The InterLock's active latching system secures the rack in its stowed and deployed position keeping the rack secure during cornering and normal operating conditions, preventing the rack from coming in contact with passengers
  • When in use, bicycles are stowed in a manner that does not impede on the walking aisle of the vehicle, allowing passengers to freely move about the length of the vehicle without difficulty
  • Unlike other “hook and hang" racks, the InterLock employs a weight activated front wheel retention system designed to provide superior lateral and vertical retention

For detailed product specifications including dimensions, weight capacities, safety, construction and operational information, please see the InterLock Spec Sheet (.pdf) available under Downloads on this page.

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