Apex Fat Tire Kit

Fat Tire Bike Tray - Fits Apex 2 & Apex 3

We have heard from transit operators in snowy northern cities, beach towns, mountain towns, universities, and many places in between. We are pleased to offer a solution that works for any transit agency that wants to offer the widest range of bike accommodations to encourage more bike and bus trips.

Fat tire bike trays and support arms are compatible with all new and existing Apex 2 and Apex 3 transit bike rack frames, for any or all bike positions. They can be added or removed from a rack in minutes.

The fat tire kit consists of a wider bike tray and wider support arm. The fat tire kit is compatible with all tire widths up to 5.5", and wheel sizes from 24"-29". For smaller wheel sizes, such as 16" and 20", the standard Apex trays must be used.

Contact the Sportworks Sales Team to reconfigure your Apex bike rack.

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