Bike Counter Harness

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User data is of immense importance to transit agencies and planners alike and with that goal in mind, Sportworks has developed the Bike Counter Harness. The Sportworks team worked with agencies across the country to develop a product that provides better access for cyclists and important data that transit agencies can utilize to improve transportation options. The Bike Counter Harness connects with a large range of automated passenger counting systems making it easier to determine the usage of bike-racks-on-buses including location data, and bike rack position usage.

Available as an OEM option as well as a kit to install in the field, the Bike Counter Harness is a durable solution for collecting data from the bike rack mounted on the front of the bus. Through rigorous testing the Bike Counter harness is bus wash compatible, and has been tested to stand up to the harsh conditions of daily use while still collecting valuable passenger data. The Bike Counter Harness comes with a Weatherpack connector which directly links to the transit agency's automated passenger counting system (or alternate means of collecting the data).