Apex Pivot Plate

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Apex 2 Pivot Plate With Torsion Spring

The Apex Pivot Plate is an essential component of the bicycle rack system for all Apex bicycle racks. The pivot plate is connected to bumper brackets and enables the bicycle rack to move between the stowed and deployed positions. The Apex 3 pivot plate comes standard with a torsion spring. If desired an additional torsion spring can be added to both the Apex 2 and Apex 3 pivot plates, with the addition of an advertising panel for example. Torsion springs help reduce the rack lifting weight. Apex pivot plates are 16” wide. The Apex Pivot Plate offers many improvements compared with our Standard Pivot Plate, please refer to the Apex Family Summary of Design Improvements document to learn more.

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Need help? 888-661-0555 / M-F: 7:00am-4:00pm Pacific

Elements Of A Bicycle Rack System Elements Of A Bicycle Rack System

A Bicycle Rack System is made up of the following component. Each component is necessary to correctly mount and use our bicycle racks.

  1. Mounting Bracket
  2. Pivot Plate
  3. Bicycle Rack

* Our Ten Second Bracket (TSB) incorporates both a mounting bracket and a pivot plate into one product.

Mounting brackets do require bolt kits for installation.

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