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Sportworks has responsive sales and engineering teams ready to work with you to ensure that you have the best bicycle rack system for your vehicles and service area. We have designed vehicle-specific mounting solutions for hundreds of vehicle configurations, including cutaways, vehicles with recessed bumpers, electric trollies, private coaches, railcars, ferry boats, and other vehicle types. When designing a mounting system for on-road vehicles, Sportworks considers approach angle, headlight and turn signal interference, bicycle handlebar to vehicle clearance, effect on turn radius, driver visibility, and other factors.

If we do not currently have a mounting solution that will work for your specific vehicle or your service needs, our engineering team can often help with a new design.

Customer Project Examples:

  • Custom mounting brackets for vehicles with specific visibility needs, front access panels, and recessed bumpers
  • Interior racks for commuter rail, light rail, streetcars, buses, and ferries, including vehicle-specific layouts and brackets
  • Incorporating new features into interior racks, such as handrails and luggage racks
  • Accommodations for auxiliary headlights and turn signals for front of vehicle racks
  • Rear of vehicle racks for private commuter coaches

If you need a custom product, or need help determining what you need please email our sales team:

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Need help? 888-661-0555 / M-F: 7am - 4pm Pacific

Custom Project Needs Custom Transit Rack Information

An appropriate bicycle rack system depends on your unique needs and vehicle constraints. If you need a custom solution for your commercial transit vehicles both our sales and engineering teams will need the following information:

  • Desired bicycle capacity
  • CAD files detailing the exterior or interior areas of the vehicle where the bicycle racks are to be installed
  • Project timeline
  • Qualification testing requirements
  • Specification documents
  • Any additional pertinent information that will help us design and manufacture a custom solution for your needs